Gorilla Zoe Mixtapes and How They Made History

Alonzo Mathis, known to his fans as Gorilla Zoe, is an American hip hop artist who was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a member of the famous rap group Boyz N Da Hood and produced solo debut album entitled Welcome to the Zoo which was officially released in 2007. Among the three studio albums, and four solo albums, Gorilla Zoe mixtapes have also helped boost his career, and make him the success he is today.

Gorilla Zoe replaced Young Jeezy as one of the members of the hip hop group Boyz N Da Hood, and his career took off from there. With his first solo album reaching #3 on Billboard’s Top Rap Albums chart, he was signed by Bad Boy South Production Company. His second album did not disappoint, and topped the Billboard Rap Album chart with the title of Don’t Feed Da Animals when it was released in March of 2009.

The artist next did something that no rap artists has ever, or will ever do again, by releasing one Gorilla Zoe mixtape a day for a whole month. Taking place in February of 2010, he made history when he released 28 new mixtapes in one month. These became a hit online, as the mixtape download phase continues in the hip hop community.

Some of the titles of the hip hop mixtapes that were released during that month include Zoebama for President, Planet of the Apes, You Don’t Mess with the Zoehan, Gorilla Woods, and The Legend of Zoe-Roe. Other of Gorilla Zoe mixtapes titles include The Greatest Zoe on Earth, Shaquille Zoe’neal, and The Mighty Zoe Young. No other rap artist has used the power of the mixtape as effectively as Gorilla Zoe.

In hip hop’s earliest days, the music only was available in live form, with the music being spread via tapes of different shows and parties. Though widely popular today, with the many mixtapes torrents available online, many rap artists are using these unofficial releases to stake their claim in the rap game. The daily release for 28 straight days of Gorilla Zoe mixtapes is part of what has made him famous today.

Source by Ari Allon